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The LogoScript offer in the field of DTP services includes the development of publications for all standards, both paper and electronic. During many years of operation, we have prepared over 10,000 different publishing projects for print. As the first Polish studio, together with the PWN Scientific Publisher, we have introduced SGML and XML standards. We were the precursors of computerisation of the production process, implementation of PDF format, digital printing and electronic distribution.

LogoScript has prepared for print a 30-volume encyclopedia, many series of dictionaries and thematic encyclopedias, tourist guides, school and academic textbooks, fiction, poetry, albums and instruction manuals. In our hitherto activity, unique projects have taken place, which we still remember as really difficult challenges, eg the Larousse encyclopedia: over one and a half thousand pages with illustrations in a month with corrections.

We also have a proprietary solution equipped with a number of functions facilitating the production of publications – XMLOGOS – a publishing system delivered in the form of SaaS available via a web browser. It enables creation of XML content collections in a simple environment. The software consists of an XML editor, a project management system via a team creating it, automatic export of selected fragments or whole texts to XML, xHTML, PDF, DOCX, ePUB and an extensive archiving system. We offer both publications preparation services in this system, as well as licenses for its use in-house. Please visit xmlogos.com for further details.

We offer our clients not only competitive prices, but also the highest quality of prepared materials, all thanks to many years of experience and knowledge of the industry. We prepare publications for both paper (PDF) and electronic (EPUB and MOBI) versions. At the client’s request, we export a parsed document in the XML standard, which can be published directly via the website or stored in any database.

Our experience and a wide range of used solutions make us able to perform the most difficult jobs. We are able to work in all of world language ​(we have prepared, among other things, Polish-Chinese dictionaries or Old Polish Glossary), create database structures for publications based on XML and SQL technologies, and convert files from all DTP programs used since the beginning of the nineties in all operating systems. We also offer archiving services, checking the completeness of archives and transferring publications to the latest versions of the software.


Prices for the publishing sheet start at 50 PLN (~12 EUR) net . Each order is priced individually and if you are interested in working with us, we invite you to the Contact tab. When making a valuation, we will do our best to minimise the costs of production while maintaining the highest standard of service for which we are well known in the market.

As part of our storage services, we offer free archiving of all source materials for publication for at least ten years from the date of closing the order.