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The LogoScript research unit has been operating since 2003 and focuses on research on financial markets, in particular the currency instruments market. The key aspects of research carried out by LogoScript are:

  • Correlation between different asset classes and unambiguous methods of technical analysis in different markets;
  • Macroeconomic indicators and technical analysis;
  • Fundamental analysis of various asset classes;Application of neural networks for the analysis of large data sets, in particular market data, construction of sustainable investment portfolios and their servicing;
  • Sociometric and behavioral analysis of investment markets.


The main tools of work are our proprietary solutions that we use every day.

Technical background

The LogoScript research team works according to the best standards on the latest available equipment, including server farms, thanks to which it is able to analyze very complex structures of large-volume input data.
As a result of the work carried out by the team, more than twenty autonomous investment models for the currency market have been created, over fifty macroeconomic indicators and over one thousand market machine analyzes.

In our everyday work, we use a number of solutions developed over the years by our research and IT teams. We use investment platforms of the largest brokerage houses, bonus sources like Bloomberg, Reuters or MNI.

The most important solutions developed by the team and used in almost all implemented projects include neural networks, which we use to process natural language, text exploration, market analysis and data optimization processes, in particular clustering, analysis of major components or reduction of dimensions.


Our research team consists of specialists in economics, sociology and IT. This unique combination allows us to an innovative and non-standard view of financial markets and an attempt to evaluate them in an unprecedented way. We also work with one of the largest and most renowned Polish universities and other research units, thanks to which we have access to almost any specialists in the areas of interest to us.

The team operates in Poland, Great Britain and Australia. In research, we follow the principle that the ineffectiveness of each idea should be proven in practice – we do not even reject crazy concepts just because they seem crazy. The research team operates independently and has almost complete freedom in selecting topics and research methods within the limits of the allocated budget.